All about Nisha Madaran

Nisha Madaran is an award winning singer/songwriter.

In 2015 she has won the “Best Female Award” and “People’s Choice Award” during the Suriname Summer Award Show in Suriname / South America. In the Netherland / Europe she won the “Best Indo-song award” of 2015. She also got a highly appreciate decoration in the Kingdom of the Netherland because of her compositions that brought integration in music of different cultures, fusion styles and languages. This decoration gave her the title of “Ambassador for integration of music and culture”.


Nisha was born on 11 Jan 1988, is now 28jr, is a law student at the University of Suriname and will graduate within 1 year as a Lawyer. She already sang as a girl of 5 or 6 years and started on her 16th singing in her regular own band Nice & Easy. She sings both Bollywood and classical Indian styles and also non-Hindi (English, Spanish, French, Surinamese, Dutch, etc.). She participated in the

Student Song Contest and also participated in HindiPop Suriname 2013, a composition competition.


Her career went fast and she was asked to perform with Yaadgaar Orchestra in Suriname and

performers from India and The Netherlands, Guyana and Trinidad. She felt honored to perform with artists like SANAM, Babul Suprio (India), Radjes Pawar (India), Rakesh Maini (India), Shekhar Kumar

(Netherlands/India), Lucky Singh (Nederland/India), Abied Housein (Netherlands/India), Sandjai Jodha (Netherland), Xagar Malik (Netherlands/India), Shaheed Wagidhoesein (Netherlands), Oemar Wagidhoesein (Netherlands), Nizaam  Wagidhoesein (Netherlands), Kries Bharos (Netherlands),

Abdul Ali (Guyana), Indar Kanhai (Trinidad) & my great classical guru Mohamed Nizam (India).

In Suriname and the region also with Brian B, a famous Surinamese – Dutch singer, and many more. In 2015 and 2016 she gave lots of successful concerts in The Netherlands, Trinidad, Guyana and

Suriname. November and December 2015 with Diamonds2000 and Avishkar from the Netherlands,

including a musical. In 2016 she participated in lots of local and international shows and concerts like  “Fet de la Music, a worldwide French festival celebrating the French Independence. In august 2016 she participates in the finals of the 19th SURIPOP Festival for composers, singing the song of a multiple winner of SURIPOP. In 2016 – 2017 she will participate in several local and international concerts


She has attended several workshops and participated in the Famous Music Festival in 2014 in        Suriname, is now also part to the Indian Cultural Center (ICC) in Suriname and gives pro bono

concerts for social projects.
In Suriname, she has released her first song “Pyar Hamara” that was more than 12 weeks on the National Top40, of which 5 weeks at the number one position, as well as several Hindi and non-Hindi radio stations. She also did a cover of “Tujhse Naraz” that reached the number 1 position in the Hindi Top list. She released  Kuch kuch hota hain” in a Indo-Fusion that went to the top of the charts for which an award has been received in the Netherlands as the Best Indo-Song in 2015. She then came out with a Hindi-Latin fusion of Yeh Sama & Besame Mucho, which came in at the no .1 position as well on the Hindi list of Top40 Suriname as well as several radio stations in Suriname and internet

radios stations. A beautiful fusion followed of “Every Night” and “Janeman” that came out with the name “Me dren fu yu”(I Dream of you), that did very well on all charts and went to the top of the Hindi List. Her recent own compositions that has been released which are a kids song (Zullen we tellen – Shall we count) and a Latin love song: “Tu hi mera dil”  (“You are my Heart” ) which became a National no.1 hit song on all radio stations and the National TOP40Suriname hit list. This song got 1 Million views within 2,5 weeks and has been viewed in 198 countries around the world.


Nisha will keep on making music and besides covers and fusion also keep on writing her own songs in such a variation that all fans will be satisfied. Singing with local and international artists will keep on going as well and she will always make the difference with her voice, qualities, performances and



With her music promotion organization N.I.Vents & Productions, she aims to stimulates young and

elderly in both classical and modern Indian music including fusions and collaborations between

several music styles, languages, artists and also as reflected upon it, as good example of integration of music and culture.

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